The #420Bunny is ready for Easter.

I really honestly would rather come home to someone who loves me in a simple home rather than some lavish deal with a nice dinner and nice things with some bitch who really doesn’t care. In the end, the love she would have for me is what would make it home sweet home. 

What good are the lavish pleasures of life if we don’t have anyone to share them with? Or perhaps I should be asking, someone who’s worth sharing them with? 

"Everytime she wakes me up, she takes me back home."

Happy Easter and 4/20

Believe in Jesus or believe in weed. Either one will take you to a higher place haha. But seriously though, take time today to spend with family and loved ones and enjoy a good meal. Happy Easter everybody! 


Someone I followed mentioned the possibility of getting a tattoo, though I wouldn’t get one willingly at the moment personally, I’d consider getting one on my left shoulder displaying my love and passion for music. And that would be just about it for tattoos on me haha. 


Happy Easter

I hope to god nobody else has made this joke