This is life now

Just finished a gig. Got paid, drove towards home, stopped at 7 Eleven, arrived in my apartment parking garage, and now I’m just sitting here with a big gulp and bag of chips because I don’t want to spend any of my gig pay.

This is life now, playing and scraping by, just hoping my big break is on the horizon: whether that be a full time job, or new exciting steady musical projects. Just, hoping and praying.

I hope my answer comes soon.

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Dear Love,

Hope your days are still going great. Hoping your cloudy skies gave way to sunshine and joy. I miss you, and I hope you’re doing well.

I haven’t forgotten about you, nor will I ever.

But I am afraid I’ll have to let you go if it seems to be going this way.

Yours Truly,


On a gig.

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